Package Forwarding

African-American postman.

comGateway Package Forwarding Service

comGateway is a US mail forwarding company enabling international customers to shop at any US online store and have their products delivered to their doorstep anywhere in the world. comGateway can also repack and combine packages from one or more US online purchases so you can get cheaper international shipping!


Shipito is a US package forwarding company. It’s very easy to use, simply shop online in any US store and have your shopping mailed to your dedicated US address. Shipito have a mailing address available in Oregon so all shopping is tax free! Shipito will then forward the package to you via your chosen shipping company. They have arranged big discounts from various shipping companies so delivery costs are kept low and they are also able to consolidate several packages from different stores into one bigger package to save on international shipping costs. The processing fee per package is only US$1!


Shop and Ship Package Forwarding

Shop and Ship is an international shipping company that allows you to shop from the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Turkey, UAE, India, South Africa, Hong Kong, China and Singapore and have your shopping delivered to you in over 52 destinations around the world. Lifetime membership is US$45 but for a limited time you can get your lifetime membership for only US$10 by using the promo code ONLYUSD10.


vPost Logo

vPost is a package forwarding company operated by Singapore Post that forwards packages from the US, UK, Japan and China to anywhere in the world. They offer competitive delivery rates by air or sea.

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