Look Fantastic April 2015 Beauty Box Review

Look Fantastic Beauty Box April 2015

I was really excited to receive this month’s Look Fantastic Beauty Box after being thrilled with the last one and this month’s box didn’t disappoint either. It came beautifully wrapped in it’s signature black and white box and again contained 6 beauty products across skincare, haircare, cosmetics and body care all valued at over £34 and a steal for only £15 including free worldwide shipping.

Look Fantastic April Beauty Box Contents

Contents of the Look Fantastic April 2015 Beauty Box:

Inika Organic Eye Liner (Black Caviar) – Worth £13.50

This month I received another black eye liner but I prefer this eye liner to the Lord & Berry one I received in last month’s beauty box as the kohl is not as soft although it is very easy to apply and glides on smoothly. It is also easy to smudge in and has a long lasting staying power compared to the Lord and Berry eye pencil. It is made from natural organic ingredients so it’s great for sensitive skin too. It usually comes with a complimentary sharpener lid but the one in the beauty box comes with a normal lid.

Korres Milk Soap 40g – Worth £1.76
(This item won’t be found in all beauty boxes this month as you may receive an alternative product from Korres – either the Calendula Soap or Aloe and Soapwort Shampoo)

The Korres milk soap is made with natural milk proteins, is suitable for all skin types, can be used on the face and body and is ideal for stressed skin in need of some tender love and care. It is supposed to soothe and hydrate the skin and leave it feeling silky smooth. Although it’s supposed to be able to be used on the face, when I tried using it I found it to be not as gentle as my usual face cleanser. Same goes for using it on the body, I would prefer using a shower gel although the soap is quite creamy and lathers easily and can be used when shaving. It does however leave the skin feeling softer and slightly moisturised with a velvety feel which is great for my dry hands! The scent of the soap is quite strong but not unpleasant.

Forza 30 Day Multivitamin For Dieters 30 Day Supply – Worth £7.49

This is a daily multivitamin designed for women to be taken whilst dieting as it provides the body with all the nutrients and vitamins it needs to maintain healthy during the cutting down of calories. It contains 13 different vitamins and minerals including calcium, vitamin C, biotin, zinc and six types of B vitamins. Even though I’m not on a diet I think this is a good general multivitamin for me to take especially on days where I haven’t been eating particularly healthily and getting the necessary nutrients. Also since I exercise frequently this multivitamin is great for replenishing minerals lost through sweat and for helping improve my performance.

Balance Me Revitalising Hand and Body Wash 100ml – Worth £4.16

This Balance Me Hand and Body Wash smells like summer in a bottle and has an uplifting, feel-good zesty aroma. It contains four essential oils, blending together calming mandarin with cleansing grapefruit, balancing bergamot and rejuvenating sweet orange, as well as a hint of mint. It is suitable for even the most sensitive skin and is supposed to clean your skin without stripping or drying it but leaving it smooth and hydrated. I really like this hand and body wash, the smell is almost addictive and really wakes you up in the shower. It lathers fairly easily and is gentle on the skin. The full sized version is 300ml and usually comes in a pump bottle but the one in the beauty box is a good size for bringing on a long holiday and comes in a handy squeezy tube.

CB12 Mint Menthol Mouthwash 50ml – Worth £2

This mouthwash is the perfect sample size to carry around, it is good for 5 uses as you’re supposed to use 10ml each time you rise your mouth with it. It has a strong minty flavour and leaves your mouth feeling cool and refreshed. It’s supposed to prevent bad breath for up to 12 hours and also contains fluoride to help prevent tooth decay.

Tigi Mini Bed Head Manipulator 30g – Worth £5.67
(This item won’t be found in all beauty boxes this month as you may receive an alternative product from either Alterna Haircare or Redken)

Tigi is a premium haircare brand that I’ve used before and I love the smell of their products. The Bed Head Manipulator can be used to style your hair or just to give it a bit of body and texture and can be used on damp or dry hair. I don’t normally use styling products because with my hair being fine, I find that it can weigh it down and leave it feeling greasy and the Bed Head Manipulator did just that. I passed it onto my hubby to try and although he has thicker hair he also found it to make his hair look greasy and didn’t find it easy to style with. Given that he hasn’t had a haircut for 3 months we both came to the conclusion that it may work better on very short hair.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this review and if you’d like to get the Look Fantastic April Beauty Box, it’s still available on thier website.

Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think about the April Look Fantastic Beauty Box or if you have any questions!


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