SSG Choi Joo-hwan, who missed the ‘Nolo Long Tea’ triple, shows off his firepower in front of his old mentor with a 44-degree launch angle…20 home runs in 5 years -1 [SS Star]

It was a one-point match that was like a thin ice. The head coach pulled out a pinch hitter card to change the mood. The pinch hitter, who entered the batter’s box with his lips tightly closed, was persistently cut, and the referee hit his hand by a foul ball and bought some time to catch his breath.

The game resumed after a while, and the pinch hitter, who picked up one more ball, kicked up the ninth fastball (145km/h) from the full count as it flew into the bottom of the strike zone. The ball, which rose high at 44.5 degrees, flew 103 meters and fell to the bottom of the right stands. It was a golden arch that slightly widened the score gap, which was like thin ice.먹튀검증

Choi Joo-hwan was the pinch hitter that SSG manager Kim Won-hyung brought up in the match against Doosan at Jamsil Stadium on the 14th. He was once the “main character of the dynasty” and easily hit 20 home runs in Jamsil. Choi Joo-hwan, who bowed his head with a batting average of 0.247 with two home runs and nine RBIs during the month of August, had been gradually rebounding to a batting average of 0.296 before the game in September. Since it has long-hitting power, it is perfect to use it to change the atmosphere.

Choi Joo-hwan looked worried. He was called by SSG as a free agent (FA), but he did not play much this year, his third year. Immediately after joining the team, he injured his hamstring and got the first button wrong. He suffered twists such as controlling his weight with diet and changing his batting form. He also experienced a setback in the second division indefinitely, but the effect revealed was insignificant.

The batting sense drew a gentle upward curve, but long hits did not hit. His last long hit was a double against Kiwoom on August 31. Son Taste has never been seen since the match against NC on August 24.

Jamsilbeol, who poured out sweat and passion, encouraged him to change the atmosphere. During pre-game training, he put down some balls next to the first base dugout and began to hit the right fence. the so-called ‘hold and hit’ It’s a “self-development long tee” that hits the ball he tossed, and Choi Joo-hwan explained, “It’s a training I did every day when I was the best in Doosan.”

He came to Jamsil for the first time in a long time, met the Doosan team, and repeated his long tee alone because he remembered his memories with coach Koji Goto, who opened his eyes to the batting. As it began to fall behind one or two fences, the ball gained strength. “A long tee helps restore batting balance. Choi Joo-hwan, who hinted, “It helps me find the timing to move my center, how to use my wrist, and transmit power to the ball,” ended the training with an expression that he was not very satisfied, but not bad.

And it was a pinch hitter in the top of the seventh inning with a 1-0 lead. Since he was the leadoff hitter, it is right to aim for on-base. Behind him, Han Yu-seom is holding out, leading to Kim Sung-hyun, who has good operational capabilities. It was a situation that could change the atmosphere just by getting on base.

The fact that they played a neck-and-neck race to the 9th district also showed their willingness to “live.” Just in time, a low fastball that suits my taste was pushed in slightly. Ballistics were ridiculously high, but they were strong enough. The moment SSG was responsible for three of the four pinch-hit home runs this year. As his 19th arch of the season, he also broke the most home runs in a season (18 in 2021) since joining SSG.

If he adds one home run in the remaining games, he will reach the 20-home run mark for the first time in five years since 2018 with coach Goto. Choi Joo-hwan’s expression around the diamond showed a sense of relief. SSG hasn’t given up on autumn yet.