Pro League, Initiation Violation Involved Choi Tae-wook ‘TSG Affairs Exclusion→Introduction Request’…Accidentally Bentuho Member, Big Shockwave

The Korea Professional Football Federation has decided to exclude Choi Tae-wook, a former national soccer team coach and current member of the K League Technical Research Group (TSG), who was indicted without detention on charges of conspiring to get his student to join the K League club.

An official from the Professional Federation said in a telephone interview with our newspaper on the 14th, “There is a regulation that the federation’s executives and employees will be disciplined (in case of social controversy). However, since it is in the form of a delegation contract, there is a dilemma in deciding whether to take disciplinary action, Choi said. “We have handed it over to the Korea Football Association (KFA).”토토사이트

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office, which focused on investigating the corruption scandal involving joining professional football, indicted 11 people, including former K League 2 Ansan Greeners CEO Lee Jong-gul, former head coach Lim Jong-hun, and Choi, on charges of breach of trust and evidence. However, Choi was included in the indictment, which shocked the public.

Provision | Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office

According to the prosecution, Choi is accused of proving breach of trust that the agent Choi conspired to hand money and valuables to former CEO Lee and former coach Lim in return for the player’s joining Ansan. Prosecutors said Choi was the player’s past teacher.

The prosecution stressed, “We will make every effort to maintain the prosecution so that the defendant, who has taken measures to collect and preserve the profits from the defendant’s crime, notified the KFA of the irregularities, and dismissed the player’s business as a practice.”

The KFA will convene a fair committee meeting through the indictment. After seeing the results of the trial, the disciplinary action will be decided. An official from the Professional Federation said, “I first gave my opinion to the chairman of the Federation’s reward and punishment committee.” “I know that he will communicate directly with KFA,” he said. “Before the trial, Choi was immediately excluded from his work.” I’m going to ask for a report. I think it is necessary to accurately confirm the incident through documents. “

Choi, a member of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup semi-final myth, was selected as one of the leaders to lead the future of Korean football while working as a coach for Bento’s team, which left achievements in the round of 16 at the Qatar World Cup last year. Until recently, he has maintained his sense of the field by working as a TSG in the K League, but he faced the biggest crisis of his career due to his involvement in unsavory professional football joining corruption.

Of course, the outcome of the trial should be watched. However, the fact that he, a former member of the national team and a “young blood leader” born in 1981, has been embroiled in a corruption scandal in joining the team is a huge shock to the Korean soccer community.