Gangwon Women’s Soccer Team ‘Orange FC’ Participates in Queen’s Cup for 2nd Year in a Row! CEO Kim Byung-ji cheers them on

Gangwon FC women’s soccer team “Orange FC” will participate in the Queen Cup.

Gangwon FC announced on the 11th, “On the 9th, the Orange FC appearance ceremony was held at the Gangwon FC Youth Academy Center in Chuncheon.”안전놀이터

CEO Kim Byung-ji and Choi Kyung-jin, a former member of the Futsal national team, provided special guidance to the players and played together. After the training, I gave snacks to the players and spent a meaningful time talking about soccer.

Orange FC selected 12 players from the youngest born in 1999 to the oldest born in 1976 through a joining test in July this year.

Following last year, she will participate in the K-League Women’s Soccer Cup (K-WIN CUP) for the second consecutive year.

In addition to regular training hours, coach Cha Yeon-hee and coach Yoo Han-byul are taking time to train with the players separately to strengthen their strong will for the tournament.

CEO Kim Byung-ji said, “I am very proud that Gangwon FC can contribute to expanding the base of women’s soccer. When I came here in person, the level of the players was much higher than I thought, he said. “I heard that the number of participating teams and the level of this tournament has increased compared to last year, and I will support a special dinner if I finish fourth or higher.”

Lee Go-woon, the eldest sister of Orange FC, said, “I was not interested in soccer before, but I am getting to know soccer through Orange FC. Soccer is the driving force of my life, giving me great strength in my daily life, he said. “I was worried about whether I could do well because I was old, but the coach and coach taught me easily, so I am enjoying training.” “It’s good to win, but if we show our own unity in the competition, I think good results will follow,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Korea Professional Football Federation has held the Queen Cup since 2010 to expand the base of women’s soccer. It has been held as a women’s college student club competition until 2021. However, since last year, the K-League club has changed to select players and form teams.