“Edman hopes to play with Ha Sung again [MK Interview].

Tommy Edman (28) of the St. Louis Cardinals is looking forward to reuniting with Kim Ha-seong, a friend of the same age who was born in 1995 소닉카지노.

In an interview with MK Sports after the home game against the San Diego Padres on the 30th (Korean time), Edman said, “He is a really good player,” and talked about Kim Ha-seong, whom he met again as an enemy.

Last March, the two who played together wearing the Taegeuk mark faced each other as opponents for the first time in this series.

Edmund, who saw Kim Ha-seong for the first time after parting ways in Japan, said, “This season has been really unbelievable. He is showing good form in all aspects, mainly in offense and defense. He is a really fun player to watch,” he said, conveying his thoughts on Kim Ha-seong, who is having his best year since his big league debut.

As Edmund said, Kim Ha-seong is showing the best performance this season. He recorded a batting average of 0.276, on-base percentage of 0.369, slugging percentage of 0.438, 17 homers, 50 RBIs and 29 stolen bases in 128 games until the 30th game. He is the best player in San Diego for the 2023 season with a bWAR of 6.2, the highest on the team.

“It was great to have the opportunity to play with him,” said Edmund, who said his success was “wonderful, but not surprising.”

Why did I say ‘I’m not surprised’?

“Because he is a very talented, hard-working player with a good attitude. In my opinion, he has everything to be a great major league player. He is a very good player who is doing a lot of good things every single day.”

This is the first time the two have met since the WBC, but unfortunately, there was no opportunity for the two players to meet and greet during this series. The result was that the training schedules of the two players did not match.

Edmund, who started the game on the 30th from the bench, soothed the regret of not being able to greet him by saying, “I waved at him.”

If the two of them play on the same team again, that regret will be lessened. Will we ever see the two together in charge of center infield again?

Edmund expressed his anticipation for this, saying, “It will be really fun.” “No one knows what will happen in the next few years. Even then, I hope that I can show a good enough figure to be called up to the national team.”

Even if they are not on the national team, the two could become a team in the major leagues. Edmund will be eligible for free agency after 2025, and Kim Ha-seong after 2024. He might be traded before then. ‘A place where you should never say the word ‘never’ is the Major League Baseball.

Edmund also said, “It would be a really fun opportunity to play with him, whether it’s on the national team or in the major leagues. Who knows?” he said, hoping that the opportunity to be with him, wherever he may be, will come again.