Why fans took it as a ‘resignation’ when it was a voluntary resignation.

 It is the official announcement of the Giants on the 28th. “Director Larry Sutton resigned on the 27th after the KT game and expressed his 메이저놀이터 appreciation for the position of manager due to health reasons, and after careful consideration, the club decided to respect and accept Sutton’s wishes.” His term from May 2021 ended in the form of voluntary resignation.

On the one hand, there is also a subtle point of view. This is the content uploaded the next day by the YouTube channel ‘Sports Complex’. It’s a corner called ‘Let’s do well with the bread type’. It will be hosted by MSPL commentator Park Jae-hong. what he said “By the way, was this announced yesterday? In fact, I already knew everything the day before. Even the fastest ones were already talking two days ago.”

It makes sense depending on what you hear. This is because there is a conflicting aspect with the club announcement. Lotte claims that Sutton expressed his intention first. The explanation is that the message was communicated on the night of the 27th, and the front desk leadership had no choice but to accept it after deliberation until the morning of the next day.

On the other hand, the story that rumors have already spread is different from this context. Because of this, speculation is rampant in some online communities. ‘It’s not resignation. It is a guess that it is actually hardened. There are even fans who doubt the transfer of responsibility.

Circumstantially, the back and forth are odd. If it was a spontaneous decision, there would have been at least a direct message. It is common to leave a final goodbye to fans through the media or social media. but not yet It was like that for at least two days. All that is known is the message from acting Lee Jong-woon. It says, “He hugged me to finish well.”

The same goes for the measures for the remaining annual salary. The club plans to pay. This means that we will support interpreters until departure. It is explained that it is a courtesy level. Of course it means good. However, to the narrow-eyed fans, it looks different. ‘If it’s your will, you don’t have to. Because it is hard, it is given (unavoidably under the contract).’ It’s such a gossip.

It’s been over 10 years. That is, late September 2012. It is time for Heroes to be called Nexen. Director Kim Si-jin was notified of the termination of the contract. It was a sudden announcement with about 10 games remaining. ‘It’s the last minute, I’ll just let it finish.’ Criticism for being unfair has been pouring in.

However, the club’s explanation was different. “We have to work on finding a replacement manager soon. However, there is a person who has worked hard while leading the team for 4 years, but that is not possible. I wanted to avoid the appearance of hitting coach Kim in the back.”

In fact, the notice to me was made the day before. It was neither the manager’s office nor the club’s office. It was Monday (17th), a day of rest. A luncheon was arranged with Director Kim. It was a nice seat in a nice hotel. (Although he is a person with many evaluations) Heroes CEO Lee Jang-seok sat face to face. He conveyed his candid circumstances and did not forget to congratulate him for his hard work.

Director Kim also fully agreed. “You can do it over the phone or have someone else do it, but thank you for setting up a separate table and talking to me in person,” he said. (It took three weeks to select a successor. The main base coach was promoted internally. It was the appearance of manager Yeom Gyeong-yeop.)

Sutton’s replacement is a pity. (As announced by the club) Let’s say it’s for health reasons. Or (as some argue) let’s assume that other factors were at play. But over 100 games. There are only 36 games left. It’s definitely a pity that I can’t finish at this point.

But in reality it doesn’t mean much. Resignation or hardship? What are you going to do with it now? Team performance has already plummeted. Fall baseball is getting farther and farther away.

Even so. Despite. There is something that needs to be checked. This is the nature of the controversy. This is the behavior that a team called Lotte has shown so far. cumulative trial and error This time of year, it is a difficult task to understand that is repeated. That’s what causes fans’ antipathy or misunderstanding.

So far, 17 people have commanded the Giants (Kang Byung-cheol 3 times, Yang Sang-moon 2 times). Less than half of those who have served their term of office. 9 of them quit midway. There are 3 people who haven’t passed a year. Let’s put aside the frequent replacement and hardening. The process creates noise every time.

It was Lee Jong-woon who took over the team instead of Sutton. He is one of three first-year coaches. The 2015 dismissal process is well known. After the season, he was cooling off in Jeju Island. The notification came through a phone call from the manager. The selection of the successor (Jo Won-woo) was similar. It was resolved over a late night phone call. It is a lightning-fast work done in half a day.

Supervisory personnel is an important issue. Factors such as orderliness and confidentiality are natural. However, there is a part that is difficult to omit. Things like style and class. Like in the case of Heroes in 2012. Set aside a time and place. in a suit. Such a specific procedure.

The same goes for fans. One day, all of a sudden. It’s like this, so you know. This isn’t the end of the story. Even if it takes time, even if it’s a little noisy in the middle. You have to take care of what you can afford. There should be no misunderstandings or doubts. Detailed and detailed delivery is required. So everyone nods their heads.

It’s a matter of perception. It is a matter of respect and sincerity. About the directors, and about the fans. The process of empathy and persuasion is important.

You must be good at baseball. You have to win a lot. but that can’t be the way Instead, I wish it was a little more formal. I hope it looks acceptable. I believe that only when the management of such a club is accumulated, can the formula of ‘prestige’ be obtained.