“We’ve come this far without a break”… Kia, Lee, and a sigh of relief

The professional baseball KIA wiped away the surprised heart. Suwon KT match on the 22nd. Starting pitcher Eui-ri Lee (21) finished the 스포츠토토 game after only 4 innings. He threw 76 pitches and allowed only two runs, but was forced to abruptly stop pitching after experiencing discomfort in his left shoulder. Even at the beginning of the game, the relay caught the expression as if he felt pain in the affected area. KIA fans were not alone in their worries.

In the end, Gyeonggi lost 4-8, but all attention was focused on Lee Eui-ri’s condition. Since he was on board the team for the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, the entire baseball world was keenly aware of the extent of his injury.

Concerns grew as a quick test could not be performed due to circumstances at a nearby hospital on the day of the injury. It was not until the 23rd that his condition was communicated. A KIA official said, “As a result of the examination, I received a finding of simple inflammation (inflammation of the acromioclavicular joint). He will be expunged from the entry as a player protection measure.”

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief. KIA coach Kim Jong-guk is the same. He said, “I was very worried, but it is said to be a simple sprain. He was found to be fine at the hospital. He says he doesn’t even need an injection,” he said. “It’s fortunate. Fortunately in misfortune,” he said.

First of all, it is excluded from the 1st group entry. Director Kim said, “The hospital says you can throw it right away on the next turn. However, he decided to take a break because he has been coming without rest until now,” he said. I will continue to check and train here without going down to the second group.”

Lee Eui-ri is an indispensable presence in KIA, which is busy fighting in the 5th round. He is 10-6 with a 3.87 earned run average in 21 games this season. He is a key starting resource with the most wins and the second most innings (100 innings) on the team. If he falls out, he will lose the core power of the top 5 fight. This is why it is fortunate that the degree of injury is minor.

Coach Kim is planning to put up an alternative starter in place of Lee Eui-ri. Coincidentally, the Suwon KT game on the 23rd was canceled due to rain. The command tower said, “We postpone the starting rotation by one turn. Next Tuesday (29th) is originally Lee Eui-ri’s turn, but I think I will have to play it with another player instead.” Eui-ri Lee plans to return immediately on the first weekend of September, after the 10 days required for re-registration for the entry have passed.