“It’s you again?” “Walking defense + 4 runs” against Barca… “Horror show” Dyer

He showed the reason why he couldn’t play as a starter.

Tottenham Hotspur lost 2-4 to FC Barcelona in the Juan Gamper Trophy match held at Estadi Olympique Luis Company in Barcelona 먹튀검증, ​​Spain on the 9th (Korean time). Son Heung-min, who started the game from the bench, was not put in, and Harry Kane was excluded from the list.

Tottenham sent out members close to the 1st and 5th groups as starters. And the defense collapsed in the third minute of the first half. Robert Lewandowski’s first goal gave Barcelona the lead.

Undeterred by this, Tottenham succeeded in turning the tables with two goals from Oliver Skip in the 24th and 36th minutes of the first half. For a long time, Tottenham’s lead continued and seemed to bring victory, but Barcelona showed their potential. Ferran Torres equalized in the 36th minute of the second half, followed by Ansu Fatih and Abde Ezalzuli’s consecutive goals in the 45th minute and extra time to make it 4-2.

After the match, Tottenham’s most criticized player was Eric Dyer. He stood at the center of defeat that day. Even though Dyer checked Torres in the process of scoring Torres, he could not check it at all. Eventually, when a cross came from the side, Torres scored a no-mark chance.

In the course of the party’s comeback goal, I made an unfortunate decision. When Torres, who was his marking opponent, received the ball, he kept the infiltrating party in check instead of an active competition. Then, Torres attempted a penetrating pass, and Dyer could not even compete, let alone cut off the pass. Partey scored a come-from-behind goal in a free situation. Dyer just watched the scene. After the game, Tottenham fans are fiercely criticizing Dyer through social media.

Dyer has been wearing a Tottenham uniform since 2014, but has been constantly pointed out for defensive insecurity. His slow feet and poor defensive intelligence were the cause. In his last season, he started 33 league games, but was criticized by fans for his unstable defense. Tottenham conceded 63 goals in the league, becoming the team with the sixth most goals.

Tottenham, well aware of this situation, signed Mickey van der Venn from Wolfsburg on the 8th. He was selected as a central defender to replace Dyer.