The first and last 20 minutes I played in Korea…Neymar wants to leave PSG and Barca return

News has spread that Neymar wants to return to Barcelona from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

France’s ‘L’Equipe’ reported on the 8th 메이저놀이터 (Korean time), “Neymar wants to leave Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). PSG’s Neymar has told the club management that he wants to leave Paris this summer.”

Journalist Fabricio Romano, who reports on European football, said: “It’s no secret. Neymar wants to return to Barcelona. It’s always in his heart. Neymar is ready. But there is still a long way to go. We also know the player’s intentions, whether he signs a contract or not is up to Barcelona.”

The problem is the transfer fee. Reporter Florian Plettenberg of Germany’s ‘Sky Sports’ explained, “PSG are looking at Neymar as a sale target this summer. But price is the key.”

Neymar, who started his playing career with Brazil’s Santos in 2009, quickly became a promising player in the world beyond his home country. Barcelona sent a love call to these performances, and entered the Camp Nou in 2013. Neymar’s brilliant skills also worked in Spanish La Liga. Neymar developed into the team’s key striker, posting 15 goals and 11 assists in his first season.

Along with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, he built the MSN line and became an axis in the Barcelona attack. Over four seasons, Neymar has lifted 10 trophies, including two La Liga titles, one UEFA UCL title and three Copa del Rey titles. He also built a reputation as a world-class player.

But Neymar had other dreams. He found a team that could make him the main character. In the end, PSG showed interest and the transfer was made. At the time, PSG paid a transfer fee of 222 million euros (approximately 304 billion won) and embraced Neymar. Neymar was also the spearhead of the attack at PSG. He has scored 118 goals and 77 assists in 173 matches over the past six seasons, and has achieved great achievements such as winning five Ligue 1 titles and three Coupe de France titles.

However, dissonance has occurred since last season. It is known that PSG wants to build a team centered on Kylian Mbappe, and eventually wants to sell Neymar due to his high weekly wage. However, Neymar wanted to stay and the sale was not made in the end.

At the beginning of the season, Neymar showed an all-time performance. During the month of August, he had 7 goals and 6 assists, which was highly anticipated. However, he suffered from an injury this season as well, and was unable to help the team at critical moments. Neymar was eventually out for the season with an ankle injury at the end of February.

PSG fans were outraged. Some PSG fans, outraged by Messi’s trip to Saudi Arabia in May, suddenly protested at Neymar’s house. Disappointed fans expressed their dissatisfaction due to poor performances and frequent injuries compared to the expensive transfer fee. He shows his best performance every season when he plays, but as he only plays 20 league games each season, the fans are increasingly dissatisfied.

However, ahead of the new season, Neymar participated in training with a bright appearance. He received great expectations from fans as he performed his training with Lee Kang-in with a smile. In particular, the ‘bromance’ with Lee Kang-in received a lot of attention from fans.

The image of Lee Kang-in and Neymar sitting side by side on a bed receiving a massage became a hot topic. Even in the training scene together, Lee Kang-in and Neymar were filmed hugging affectionately.

The chemistry between the two continued on the Japanese tour as well. During the pre-season tour in Japan, Lee Kang-in was located right next to Neymar and spent time together. PSG had a cultural experience during the Japanese tour. According to a video released on the 24th of last month, Lee Kang-in spent time with Neymar experiencing a tea ceremony and making okonomiyaki.

Even at the training ground, it was confirmed that the two became friends quickly by exchanging jokes. In training on the 31st of last month, Lee Kang-in joked with Neymar and even kicked Neymar in the butt. It means that the two of them are very close.

Lee Kang-in and Neymar watched the match from the bench together with Inter Milan on the 1st. The playful appearance of the two also drew attention. When Neymar touched Lee Kang-in’s bangs, Lee Kang-in laughed and refused. At this, Neymar burst into a big smile with a playful face.

The image of the two players dreaming of breathing together on the ground was also directed. On the 3rd, PSG played against Jeonbuk Hyundai. Neymar started and played full-time, and Lee Kang-in was substituted in the 24th minute of the second half and hit the ground. It was a short time, but it was meaningful in that it was the first match between the two players.

However, ahead of the season opener, news broke that Neymar wanted to leave the team. Of course, in order to realize this, Barcelona must pay an astronomical transfer fee to increase the possibility. However, Barcelona is currently struggling to register players due to worsening financial problems.

Spain’s ‘FCBN’, which delivers Barcelona news, said on the 6th, “A week before the La Liga opening match against Getafe, Barcelona failed to register most of their squads. They hope to activate a new lever of 60 million euros (about 86.3 billion won). ” reported.

Barcelona signed a total of three players this summer. Including Gundogan, Inigo Martinez and Oriul Romeu were brought in. The transfer cost to recruit three players was only 3.4 million euros (approximately 4.8 billion won). Gundogan and Martinez were recruited as free agents, so there was no transfer fee, and Romeu incurred a transfer fee of 4.5 million euros (approximately 6.4 billion won), but 1.1 million euros (approximately 1.5 billion won) were reportedly borne by Romeu himself. .

Barcelona didn’t spend a lot of money despite winning La Liga last season. In fact, it is because they are in a difficult financial situation to spend. The worsening of Barcelona’s finances was largely due to the corona pandemic. Financial problems arose as overall income declined. In the end, Barcelona had no choice but to break up with Lionel Messi and Antoine Griezmann.

However, the financial problem did not improve. In the end, Barcelona activated the lever four times last summer. Activating the lever is a method of receiving money by selling future broadcasting rights in advance. Spanish media ‘Sport’ explained, “The second lever has been activated. Accordingly, Barcelona must pay 400 million euros (approximately 536 billion won) and pay 15% of the broadcasting rights to Capital for 25 years.”

With the money received from the sale of broadcasting rights, he started recruiting players immediately. Barcelona signed Roberto Lewandowski, Jules Kunde and Rafinha last season. But a problem arose. In order to register recruited players, more cash was needed.

In the end, Barcelona even activated the 3rd lever. Barcelona sold a 24.5% stake in Barça Studios to for 100 million euros (approximately 134 billion won). But this wasn’t enough. In the end, Barcelona activated the 4th lever and barely closed the player registration.

The fire was put out in a hurry, but the problem is this summer. Barcelona reduced the salaries of the players by sending away Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, as well as the sale of Griezmann, Francisco Trincao and Niko Gonzalez, but they are still unable to register players.

Eventually, he plans to activate the lever again to secure cash. ‘FCBN’ said, “Barcelona is demanding 60 million euros to register a first-team squad including Gundogan, Romeu and Martinez. This money corresponds to the sale of 16% of ‘Barsa Studios’, and Germany We negotiated through the sale to an investment fund,” he said.

Signing Neymar in this situation is obviously very difficult. This is because it is difficult for PSG to hand over a player acquired for 222 million euros for pennies. PSG also set a ransom of 250 million euros (approximately 352 billion won) for Kylian Mbafe, who has one year left on the contract. Therefore, the reality is that Neymar’s transfer to Barcelona is not easy.