Four Korean representatives will participate…Freestyle soccer world competition ‘Super Bowl’ is about to open

The ‘Super Bowl’, one of the world’s freestyle soccer competitions, kicks off. Four representative players from Korea will participate.

Super Bowl 2023 will be held in Prague 먹튀검증, Czech Republic for five days from the 7th to the 11th. Representing Korea, Hyunyong Lee, Minjae Cho, Yejun Kang, and Hwanjin Yoo will challenge the world stage. Lee Hyun-yong also showed off his skills by participating in the Super Bowl last year.

The Super Bowl, a major freestyle football competition, started in 2009 and is held every year in the Czech Republic. It is a highly prestigious competition where many freestylers from more than 40 countries compete to compete. 

Unlike the existing game method, in the Super Bowl qualifiers, 4 players instead of 2 participate at the same time and take turns playing for 6 minutes. Five judges give scores from 1 to 5, and the two with the highest scores advance to the next round. From the round of 32, matches will be played one-on-one, the original way, and the final winner will be determined.

Freestyle soccer is a sport in which all parts of the body, except for the hands, are used to develop, show off, and compete with various creative movements. There are already enthusiasts in over 100 countries around the world.