[World No.1] <57>American Major League Baseball’s all-time fastest pitch at 170 mph

In domestic professional baseball this season, Hanwha Eagles rookie Moon Dong-joo hit 160km/h for the first time in KBO history. Until then, 안전놀이터 Kiwoom Heroes starter Ahn Woo-jin’s 154km was the best. In domestic professional baseball, the average speed is 142.6 kilometers per hour, and even if it exceeds 150 kilometers, he is classified as a fastball pitcher.

The fastest fastball in the U.S. Major League Baseball history recorded 170.3 kilometers (105.8 miles). In 2010, Alordis Chapman (finishing pitcher) of the Cincinnati Reds at the time recorded. Last year, Ben Joyce of Tenneth University in the U.S. threw 169.8km (105.5 miles) to surpass Major League pitchers. More than 20 athletes have thrown more than 104 miles (167.4 kilometers).

The average speed difference between the U.S. Major League Baseball and domestic professional baseball is more than 10 kilometers. The finishing pitchers of the top teams in Major League Baseball average over 160 kilometers. In this spring’s WBO (World Baseball Classic), the Korean national team was forced to hit hard with Japanese pitchers’ fastballs (around 160 kilometers). It was clearly different from the ball speed seen in Korea, and it was difficult to even hit the ball, let alone the center of the bat.

Moon Dong-joo set fire to the fast-ball match. High school prospects are also seeing a large number of pitchers in the 150km range. It is a time when it is difficult to overwhelm batters in the 140km range. Samsung closer Oh Seung-hwan (41), who is 40 years old, proves this.