‘Walls’ reunite + Kim Minjae majesty…Pandeyk ‘just right’ with Kim after Munich game

Germany’s most prestigious Bayern Munich Kim Min-jae announced the soft landing of his new team by recording an assist in a friendly match against Liverpool held in Singapore on the 2nd, and there was one person who noticed his appearance.

It was Virgil van Dijk, one of the world’s 메이저놀이터 leading centre-backs. Kim Min-jae and Pan Dayk started as key defenders for both teams that day and played for a certain amount of time. Kim Min-jae was substituted out after playing 45 minutes in the first half. Van Dijk received a little more playing time than this, and went on the ground until the 30th minute in the second half. Both of them have the position of center back, but because they are good at joining the attack during set-pieces, there were times when they faced each other in close quarters.

Van Dijk recalled this. There are many world-class players in Munich, but he did not pass by the encounter with Kim Min-jae. Pan Dayk posted a picture of him confronting Kim Min-jae on his SNS, and he said that he was aware of the existence of a ‘Korean iron pillar’. In the photo, Kim Min-jae showed a smile and a surprised expression at the same time while looking at Pan Dake. Pan Deike is also smiling brightly at Kim Min-jae as if he is happy.

It is truly a wall-to-wall encounter.

In fact, the two had fought over a soccer ball in the same stadium twice before. Kim Min-jae played for Napoli in Serie A in Italy in the 2022/23 season, and at this time, they played two games against each other in a home-and-away way in the group stage of the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League. At the time, Napoli upset expectations at home and won 4-1, then lost 0-2 in enemy territory.

Eight months after the last meeting in December of last year, the world’s best center backs met. In particular, since Kim Min-jae changed his uniform to Munich, which is now a world-class club, it seems that Van Dijk was more impressed.

Kim Min-jae has solidified his position as Munich’s main center back in the new season through the match against Liverpool.

Munich won 4-3 against Liverpool with Frans Krachik’s winning goal just before the end of the match. Munich, who recorded 1 draw and 1 loss against Manchester City and Kawasai Frontale in the previous two friendly matches held in Japan, defeated Liverpool and finished the Asian tour with 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss. Munich will return to Europe and play a friendly match against AS Monaco (France) at midnight on the 8th.

The thing that received the most attention on this day was whether or not Kim Min-jae started, because Kim Min-jae, who could not rest properly due to basic military training in June, missed the match against Man City, but improved his condition little by little by starting against Kawasaki.

In the match against Liverpool, as well as against Kawasaki, Kim Min-jae started with Benjamin Pavard and actively ran the field for 45 minutes in the first half. He showed a disappointing performance by conceding the opening goal 2 minutes after the start of the game due to poor judgment, but in a situation where he was trailing 0-2, he showed admiration by showing a fantastic pass to help Serge Gnabry pursue the goal.

In the 33rd minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae’s long stabbed ball passed through Liverpool’s defensive line and was connected to Gnabri. Gnabrie passed Joel Matip, who was trailing him, as he returned the ball to the outside of his right foot, then calmly finished with his right foot. It was the moment when Kim Min-jae raised his attack point after joining the team for two games.

Even after that, he ran to Liverpool ace Mohamed Salah’s shot at high speed and blocked it or put an accurate pass to the attackers located in the front. Manager Thomas Tuchel replaced Kim Min-jae as soon as the first half was over, perhaps judging that Min-jae Kim, who had just started playing, was still too much to play full-time.

The scene of Min-jae Kim and Sala fighting for the ball was posted on the main screen of the game report that day, as if not only Pandake but also the Liverpool club itself had paid attention to Min-jae Kim.

Fans’ reaction to Kim Min-jae’s performance was also great. Articles praising Kim Min-jae’s fantastic pass are being posted on Munich’s official SNS. One fan said, “Kim Min-jae is GOAT,” and evaluated Min-jae Kim’s pass as the best ever, while other fans said, “A great pass and a great goal by Gnabry,” “Min-jae Kim was the best signing,” and “Min-jae Kim was a great pass.” , praised as “Korean sniper”.

Munich, which finished the first half at 2-2 thanks to Gnabry’s goal and Leroy Sane’s equalizer, conceded a goal first in the second half, but scored two goals in quick succession to achieve a thrilling come-from-behind victory.

This match was a venue to announce that Kim Min-jae appeared in an upgraded form in front of Liverpool, who suffered from Kim Min-jae last season and suffered a shock defeat in the Champions League.