Atlético Madrid’s sincerity in preparing ‘Korean uniforms’ for Korea tour

Atletico Madrid has never had a Korean player play for them, but they put their heart and soul into their Korean tour.

Atletico Madrid (ATM) defeated Manchester City 2-1 in the second leg of the Coupang Play Series at Seoul World Cup Stadium at 8:40 p.m. on the 30th. After losing 2-3 to Team K-League on the 27th, ATM ended their Korean tour with a win.

64,185 people attended the game at the Seoul World Cup Stadium. It was a huge crowd that is rarely seen at a K League game. Most of the fans were there to cheer on their team as they completed the treble. The overwhelming number of fans wearing light blue jerseys in the stadium created a huge wave. It was reminiscent of the Etihad Stadium, City’s home stadium. There were even fans singing “Hey Jude,” the Man City chant.

But once the game started, soccer fans were blown away by the quality of the ATM players. With the exception of a few players, such as Antoine Griezmann, they were lesser known in Korea than City. Once the lid was lifted, the ATM players’ technique was incredible. As soon as they got the ball, they were on the counterattack with tremendous speed and executed precise tiki-taka goals. ATM played the essence of La Liga soccer in all its sophisticated glory.

The initially one-sided support for City gradually shifted to ATM. Fans from both sides of the divide were thrilled with the high level of soccer played by both teams. Every time a player performed a high-tech move, there was an exclamation of “Wow!” from the crowd. It was more like a ballet or classical concert than a soccer match.

ATM put their heart and soul into the Korean tour from the beginning. Upon arrival in Korea, the team was greeted at Incheon Airport with a friendly fan service. The team wore specially designed jerseys with Korean names. The Korean fans also felt more comfortable with the team. After the game, Griezmann greeted the Korean fans individually. Memphis Depay, who scored the first goal, even took off his jersey and gave it to them. The fan service was perfect. 메이저사이트

After the game, coach Diego Simeone said, “I want to thank the Korean fans. It was raining and the weather was bad, so thank you for your patience. I was happy that the stadium was full, and I saw a lot of fans wearing red jerseys, so I think we have made a good start in the Asian market,” he said.

With this tour, ATM has significantly increased the club’s brand awareness in the Korean market. Team K-League proved to be more than competitive, defeating ATM 3-2. Coach Diego Simeone was also impressed with the performance of Bae Joon-ho and other K-Leaguers. Although Lee Kang-in’s move to ATM was thwarted, we can’t wait to see another Korean player join the club and make a splash.